Sunday, August 2, 2009

LaRita's new horse

Congratulations to LaRita Johnson on the purchase of her new Walking Horse mare. She is a beautiful 6 year old and is a perfect fit for LaRita. She is destined for a career as a show and trail horse.

Stellan's Sunday playtime

We had a big rain storm today and Stellan decided he wanted to go out and play in the puddles with the dogs and then do some jumping.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hartsfield Plantation Clinic

I had the opportunity to teach a Gaited Dressage clinic yesterday at Hartsfield Plantation in Zebulon. I enjoyed meeting a really nice group of ladies and working with some very talented Walking Horses. If they decide to compete in Dressage, look out everyone, because there are some real winners in this group! I look forward to continuing to work with everyone.
Big thanks to Jean Klein for organizing the clinic and to Amanda Henderson, owner and trainer at Hartsfield for hosting at her beautiful farm. See you all again on August 14th!