Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dressage 101

Had a fun time as a demo rider at the Dressage 101 day yesterday sponsored by EDCTSA.  I took Corey and rode a musical freestyle which was well received and also had a great time working with Linda Hoover of the Refined Horsemanship Assn. on her demonstration of trail obstacles and various exercises to get the horse and rider thinking.  Linda is such a creative and intelligent trainer and I always like working with her!

Wind Drift Farm show results

Had a great time at the EDCTSA sponsored Dressage show at Wind Drift Farm.  My Walker mare, Ryanne, won both her Dressage tests with good scores of 75% and 82%, a personal best for her.  I teamed up with Jenn Wallace and Sue Morgan for the Team Challenge and we won the cash award.  It was really fun to ride as a team!!