Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fun at the SHV show

Had a great time competing at the Sport Horse Versatility show in Vass, at the beautiful Reflections Farm.  "Shiloh" did himself proud by winning his Dressage test, as well as the Suitibility Division.  He was also High Score Dressage Champion and took a third place in the In Hand trail obstacle class.  Jack rode his mare "Vickie" and won his Sport Horse Versatility division.  It was a great day and big thanks to Linda Hoover and Kriestin Kleinschmidt for the great organizing!!

Dr.Gerd Heuschmann Symposium

I was honored to be a demo rider at the Dr. Gerd Heuschmann Symposium in October with my Tennessee Walker, "Corey".  This Symposium highlighted Dr. Heuschmann's work on equine biomechanics and how it relates to how we ride and train our horses.  I gained invaluable information and made many new friends.  I enjoyed the opportunity to introduce mainstream Dressage riders to the Tennessee Walking Horse and opened many people's minds to the idea of a Gaited horse for the discipline of Dressage.  Thank you to Linda Hoover of the Refined Horsemanship Assn. for this fantastic opportunity!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dressage 101

Had a fun time as a demo rider at the Dressage 101 day yesterday sponsored by EDCTSA.  I took Corey and rode a musical freestyle which was well received and also had a great time working with Linda Hoover of the Refined Horsemanship Assn. on her demonstration of trail obstacles and various exercises to get the horse and rider thinking.  Linda is such a creative and intelligent trainer and I always like working with her!

Wind Drift Farm show results

Had a great time at the EDCTSA sponsored Dressage show at Wind Drift Farm.  My Walker mare, Ryanne, won both her Dressage tests with good scores of 75% and 82%, a personal best for her.  I teamed up with Jenn Wallace and Sue Morgan for the Team Challenge and we won the cash award.  It was really fun to ride as a team!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

New addition to Green Ridge Farm

"Buckmark" joins the Green Ridge Farm family.

Our newest addition to the dog "herd" is Buckmark aka "Buck".  A five month old hound mix that we adopted from the Johnston County Animal Shelter.  He is the sweetest puppy and enjoys playing with the 4 other dogs.  Buck will be my "show dog" and will be coming along to the horse shows with us.

Shiloh at Dressage show

Shiloh at the Shawnee Acres Dressage show
Shiloh attends Dressage show at Shawnee Acres

Our young horse, Shiloh, attended the Shawnee Acres Dressage show last week.  He was well behaved and had scores of 65.4% and 64.3% for two Third place finishes.  He has a lot to learn yet about crowded practice arenas, but he handled everything well for a green horse.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Breeding Program at Green Ridge Farm

We are pleased to announce that two of our Warmblood mares are in foal for spring of 2013.  "Fiona" is in foal to the popular Warmblood stallion "Schroeder", owned by Majestic Gaits in New Hampshire.  He is a very talented young show horse that is setting New England on fire and is producing some exceptional foals.  We are very excited about this coming foal!  Our other Warmblood cross mare, "Vickie", is in foal the beautiful black Warmblood stallion "Don De Marco", owned by Centaur Farms in Georgia.  He is from the finest in German bloodlines and we think he will be a fantastic cross with our mare.  We are really looking forward to the spring!

"Shiloh" begins Dressage show career

Our young Paint gelding, Scenic Jet Bar, aka "Shiloh" began his Dressage show career this spring.  Starting out in the Intro Division, his first two shows he scored in the high 50's for a fifth and third place and at his third show he scored a respectable 68.7% for a second place.  We are very excited about his future and are now working on his canter for the fall shows.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shawnee Acres show report.
We had a great time at the recent Shawnee Acres Dressage Show.
Jack showed our Oldenburg Warmblood mare, Raben, to the win in the Training Level test 1, with a score of 63.75% and took a fourth place in Intro C.
Claudia showed her Walker mare to win her test and the High Score Championship of the day with a 75.6%.
Our good friend, Kim Dome and her Saddlebred gelding, Wasabi, had two good third place finishes in the Training level division with scores in the 60's.

We enjoy the low key, fun and supportive atmosphere at Shawnee Acres.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shiloh's training

Our young Paint gelding, "Shiloh" is coming along very well in his training. After an excellent start with Jack, Claudia has now taken over his Dressage training. We plan to show him this spring, so look for this talented youngster at the Dressage schooling shows in 2012.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trainer Certification

I am pleased to announce the receipt of my Trainer Certification from the National Walking Horse Association. This is a new program through which owners and riders can access experienced and competent trainers to help them with their horses.

Carriage Driving at Green Ridge Farm

At Green Ridge Farm we are returning to the world of carriage driving. We were competing at the Advance FEI level of Combined Driving several years ago. After my competition horse had to be retired due to injuries, I took a break from Driving and concentrated on Dressage training and teaching. I am currently driving both my Tennessee Walking horses and training our young Paint horse to hopefully be a future CDE horse. I am planning to take the test to become a Certified Driving Instructor through the Carriage Association of America. I will be offering instruction in Carriage Driving at Green Ridge Farm or at other locations as needed, as well as clinics. Please contact me for more information.