Saturday, July 7, 2012

Breeding Program at Green Ridge Farm

We are pleased to announce that two of our Warmblood mares are in foal for spring of 2013.  "Fiona" is in foal to the popular Warmblood stallion "Schroeder", owned by Majestic Gaits in New Hampshire.  He is a very talented young show horse that is setting New England on fire and is producing some exceptional foals.  We are very excited about this coming foal!  Our other Warmblood cross mare, "Vickie", is in foal the beautiful black Warmblood stallion "Don De Marco", owned by Centaur Farms in Georgia.  He is from the finest in German bloodlines and we think he will be a fantastic cross with our mare.  We are really looking forward to the spring!

"Shiloh" begins Dressage show career

Our young Paint gelding, Scenic Jet Bar, aka "Shiloh" began his Dressage show career this spring.  Starting out in the Intro Division, his first two shows he scored in the high 50's for a fifth and third place and at his third show he scored a respectable 68.7% for a second place.  We are very excited about his future and are now working on his canter for the fall shows.