Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Addition at Green Ridge Farm

I am pleased to announce the acquisition of "U Gotta See This", aka Ryanne. She is a 7 year old Tennessee Walker mare. I am very grateful to Ed and Teena Anderson and Mikal Spooner for making this possible. Ryanne's former owner, Christy Anderson passed away last year at just 28 years old from a lifelong battle with Leukemia. After losing my beautiful mare, Penny, from cancer recently it was difficult to think of getting another horse, but I called upon my friend and fellow trainer, Mikal Spooner to see if she had something suitable for me, not knowing that Christy's mare was at her farm. When I arrived, Mikal informed me that she had spoken to the Andersons and they graciously decided to make Ryanne available to me. Needless to say I was thrilled, as I had admired this horse for years at the shows. After riding Ryanne it was an easy decision to make arrangements to purchase her and make her a part of our family. No horse will ever take Penny's place, but this seemed like it was "meant to be". I think maybe Christy and Penny had something to do with Ryanne becoming my new partner! So look for me, Corey and Ryanne at the shows this coming year.

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