Monday, December 6, 2010

Canterberry Meadows Dressage Show results

Green Ridge Farm students has a great ending to a successful show year at the Canterberry Meadows Dressage show in Williamston on Dec. 4th.
Melinda Garner and her fancy Appaloosa gelding, Fella, won both their Intro tests with great scores of 70% and 68.1%. They also won the High Score Amateur Championship! This was just their third Dressage show and now it's on to Training Level for them next year.
Sue Morgan and her mare"M&M" took home two second place ribbons with scores of 68.7 and 66.8. Good riding especially since Sue was under the weather with the flu.
Jen Gurley and her big mare, Ginger, also had very good rides for two second place ribbons in the Training Level division with scores of 65 and 63.2.
Junior rider Kaitlyn Briley had a great show with her new horse, Flicker, owned by Janine Wilson, taking home a win and a second place with scores of 65 and 64.3. Good riding Kaitlyn!
Shelley Leicht picked up a catch ride on Debbie Dufresne's beautiful and talented Arabian mare, Penny, for a win and a fifth place in the Training Level division with scores of 63.7 and 62.8. Not bad for riding the horse for the first time at the show!!
LaRita Johnson and her lovely Quarter Horse mare, Breezy, had very consistent performances, as usual, and took home 2nd and fourth places in their tests, as well as a second place in the Musical Freestyle class in the snow.
LaRita also debuted her fancy Palomino Pinto mare, Candy, at this show and had a very nice ride for her first time in the Dressage ring after being a trail horse. She received a fifth place with a respectable score of 60%.
Sally Yeagley and her Quarter Horse gelding, Sirus, had good rides for 3rd and 5th places with nice scores of 65 and 60.5.
Janine Wilson made her debut with her Appaloosa gelding, Dallas, at this show. Dallas is a work in progress, but he behaved well and handled the new environment like a champ, receiving a 6th place with a score of 58.1
My Walking Horse mare, Ryanne, had a good show to end the season, winning both her Dressage tests with scores of 72.5 and 71.8. She also won the Musical Freestyle and was High Score Open Champion. She has been undefeated in the fall show season against all trotting horses and this was her third High Score Championship in a row and sixth for the year. So proud of my horse!
Thanks to all my students for their support and great riding throughout this year and I look forward to another fun and successful show season in 2011.

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